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A transformation to completely digital events or to a hybrid variant with both live and digital elements involves many parts.

What requirements are set for technology, administration, planning, and presentation to create the event you are striving for?

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InvitePeople - Complete digital platform for events

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InvitePeople is a complete solution for managing and administering full-scale digital and hybrid events. A digital platform for creating events that engage and inspire your audience and allow you to manage all aspects of your event from invitations and tickets, payment to live broadcasts and reporting. All in one system.

The digital experience is completely adapted based on your profile and brand. Participants have access to all parts of an event with a simple and secure login. They have access to personal meetings, social interaction, chat, live streams, Q & As, breakout sessions, mingling and feedback. Of course completely adapted for mobile.

The platform is developed in Sweden and includes support in Swedish and English. The solution is suitable for everyone from small companies to international organizations as well as event agencies, who are looking for a full-scale and efficient event platform.