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A complete platform for all types of full-scale digital and hybrid events.

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By event people, for event people

InvitePeople is a complete solution for managing full-scale digital, physical, and hybrid events that engages and inspires your attendee and allows you to manage all aspects of your event from invitations and programs, tickets, and payment to live broadcasts and chat, follow-up, and reporting. An all-in-one system.

The digital experience is completely adapted based on profile and brand. Participants have access to all parts of an event with a simple and secure login. They have access to personal meetings, social interaction, chat, live streams, Q & As, breakout sessions, mingling, and feedback. Of course, completely adapted for mobile.

The platform is developed in Sweden and includes support in Swedish and English. The solution is suitable for both smaller companies and international organizations as well as event agencies that are looking for a full-scale and efficient event platform.

För enskilda event
  • Enkelt att hantera och administrera.
  • Tillgång till dedikerad Customers Success Manager ingår.
  • Enkelt att komma igång och få upp eventsidan.
För större organisationer
  • Säker och etablerad teknik.
  • Använder Web RTC protocol och krypterad inloggning.
  • En plattform för alla typer av digitala och hybrida event.
För byråer
  • Bygg unika och brandade lösningar. 
  • Utvidga och förläng ditt erbjudande till kunder.
  • Flexibel och skalbar.
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A platform for

  • Conferences
  • Company meetings
  • Fairs
  • Congresses
  • Webinars
  • Kickoff and internal conferences
  • Forums
  • Sales meetings
  • Live stream
  • Digital and hybrid educations
    Investment meetings


  • Customize the event page.
  • Plan programs and speaker tracks.
  • Invite participants, sponsors, exhibitors, and the press.
  • Receive bookings and payments.
  • Send out tickets, name tags, and personal programs.




  • Broadcast live from studio, conference floor, and from home.
  • Premiere of recorded material and let participants see afterward.
  • Let participants chat, mingle and book meetings with each other.
  • Exhibitors can scan leads and integrate with visitors.
  • Engage participants through gamification and social media.



Follow up

  • Completed reports on, among other things, participants, tickets, programs, exhibitors, and interaction.
  • Get feedback from participants with surveys.
  • Overview of all your events and get aggregated statistics.

"We selected InvitePeople because of the platform’s ease of use for small meetings up to the most multifaceted setup for large conferences, both for physical, digital, and hybrid events."

Bo Follaug, Global Group Meeting Leader at IKEA Group


  • Website for events and registration.
  • Monitor all your events.
  • Customize without coding.
  • Personal login and 2FA.
  • Single-sign-on with Facebook,
    Google, Linkedin and Microsoft.
  • Mobile adapted.
  • Customizable via HTML and CSS.
  • Templates for event pages.
  • Ticket handling.
  • Payments
  • Scheduling of parallel speaker tracks.
  • Communicate by email and SMS.
  • Chat
  • Exhibitor management
  • Video via WebRTC and RTMP (S).
  • Live broadcast
  • Video upload
  • Speed meetings
  • Video conferencing
  • Digital trade show
  • Meeting booking
  • Gamification
  • Integration with Social Media.
  • Digital rooms for mingling.
  • Gamification
  • Pushnotiser
  • On-site scanning.
  • Reserved seating


  • Registration of all types of participants.
  • Complete on-site solution.
  • Name tags
  • Integration with cloud services.
  • Import and export data.
  • Lead scanning.
  • Follow-up and surveys.
  • Print-on-demand check-in.
  • Statistics
  • Complies with GDPR regulations.
  • Data storage within the EU.